1 year memberships run from

January through December.

Nevada Ranger's Schedule

Monthly shoots are normally scheduled on the 2nd weekend of each month

No Monthly Shoots during July and August

September 9th and 10th 2017 is our next monthly.

Setup at 7 AM and starts at 8 AM.

Following the Rangers Saturday Shoot September 9th there will be a two stage Mini Bamm (Bolt Action Military Match) shoot. A bolt military rifle and a 1911 or a 1917 pistol will be required. Open rifle sights only on a military style rifle. Bayonets and uniforms are encouraged!!! (but not necessary) This is for fun, bring out your stuff to brag about. SASS timing and safety rules apply. Required ammo: 20 rounds for the rifle and 40 rounds for the pistols.

PS: Even though this is a for fun shoot, there will also be a Spirit of the Game awarded to the contestant who impresses the committee the most, with your style and "rhetoric"(BS). The winner of the match will receive a special luxury automobile.

If you are shooting the regular monthly match before the mini-bamm, you might bring a bit to eat before the mini-bamm begins there on the range, as we will begin shortly after the main match finishes.


$15 each day for Members

$20 each day for Non-members


Clark County Shooting Complex

11357 N Decatur Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89131

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